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What’s next for the HR Operating Model?

June 21, 2019

Exploring how HR works in a new study

High-impact HR is far from the old paradigm of HR being a steward of “resources” and a compliance- and process-oriented support function. It leverages the human element of the enterprise so instrumental in market differentiation and in creating value through continuous innovation and customer engagement. Looking ahead, core elements of High-Impact HR will be table stakes—the minimum for HR to deliver meaningful impact. Mindsets like customer-centricity, building communities rather than isolating in silos, working integral to the business, and measuring impact will simply be the way HR operates.

Many organizations that have been able to apply these factors in their HR function achieve high performance. At the same time, much of the HR field is still struggling with the “how” of High-Impact HR. Outdated leadership mindsets and siloed operating models—along with the relentless nature of change itself—are impeding the shift to a more forward-looking, strategic, and sustainable HR function.

Exploring the Future of HR
The future will demand much more of HR beyond its High-Impact roles of supporter, partner, and adviser to the business. The Future of HR is inextricably linked with the futures of the enterprise, the workforce, and how work gets done. A new breed of HR professionals will spearhead workforce strategy, access talent, foster team collaboration, curate the human experience, and lead the enterprise’s readiness for the constant disruption of the future, ultimately with a relentless focus on driving work outcomes.

The “how” of doing this effectively requires reimagining work within HR and across the enterprise, and is central to our continuing High-Impact HR research. The study covers the following questions:

  • How can HR professionals embrace change and adjust their ways of working to meet dynamic business, environmental, and talent needs?
  • How can HR become more agile to deliver solutions and value more rapidly while making stronger connections and better decisions?
  • How can HR teams design human experiences for the workforce and beyond that provide relevant and measurable value for the enterprise?
  • And, how can HR professionals use technology to augment their roles and work?

By joining our exploration, you will engage with some of the most pressing questions facing HR leaders right now. Perhaps you will be inspired to new views on current challenges while providing important perspectives to our research. We expect to start publishing results this fall.

We invite you to join us now, starting with the High-Impact HR Operating Model survey.

Participants will receive an executive summary introducing the study’s findings.

Jeff Mike, EdD, is head of research ideation at Bersin™, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Denise Moulton is a vice president and the HR and talent research leader at Bersin™, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

1Seven High-Impact Findings to Redefine HR, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP / Jeff Mike, EdD, 2017.

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